Citroen Dyane 6 400

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Beautiful Citroen Dyane 6-400, in exceptional condition, restored sheet metal, paint and upholstery. Tires, mirrors, sun visors, fences and a large list of new parts. No corrosion or rotting, it retains its original bass. A very good unit for anyone looking to enjoy this popular and fun van, versatile and very practical. Difficult to find one in these conditions as recently released.
Technical characteristics:
Engine: Position: Front longitudinal to plane.
Number of cylinders: Two opposite.
Bore / Stroke: 74/70 mm.
Displacement: 602 c.c.
Fiscal power: 4 HP.
Block material: Light alloy.
Stock material: Light alloy.
Crankshaft on two supports.

Carburation: A vertical Solex 26/35 CSIC carburettor, with two bodies, with mechanical opening of the second.
Fuel pump: Mechanical.
Air filter: In oil bath.

Lubrication: Gear pump.
Circuit type: Direct pressure to the bench.
Number and type of filters: Cartridge in series.
Cooling, light alloy crankcase.
Total capacity: 2.6 liters.
Oil change: 2.3 liters.

Air cooling: Fan drag. Pointed crankshaft. Distribution: Valves situation. In cylinder head, forming V in hemispherical chamber. Camshaft location: Central. Camshaft control: By pair of pinions. Valves actuation: pushers, rods and rocker arms.
On: Delco: None. Coil: Femsa BC 12-7. Spark plugs: Bosch W-225 T-1.
Performance: Compression: 8.51: 1. Power: 31 CV, DIN at 5,750 r.p.m. Maximum torque: 4.2 mkg., DIN at 3,500 r. p. m.
Clutch: Type: Dry single disc. Control: By cable. Gearshift: Number of forward gears: Four, Synchronized: All except 1st
Front-wheel drive; engine ahead of differential.
Frame. Supporting structure: Chassis-platform, with bolted bodywork.
Brakes: Circuit type: Hydraulic, independent for each train, with level light.
Wheels: Rim diameter: 15 inches. Rim throat width: 4 inches. Tires: Radial, tubeless. Measure: 135 SR-15. Body type: Van. Number of doors: 2 + 1. Seats: Front, two independent; behind, removable bench.
Dimensions: Battle: 2.54 meters. Tracks: 1.26 / 1.26 meters (front / rear). Length: 4.03 meters. Width: 1.50 meters. Height: 1.82 meters. Weight: Empty, and at the starting point (according to catalog): 680 kg.