Jeep CJ5

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Jeep CJ5 of American origin, it was manufactured in 1968 in Toledo, Ohio, USA. The vehicle is in very good condition and has 10,095 km. It has been mechanically overhauled and has a valid MOT. Paint in its original military green color is new. The exterior plastics, gaskets and headlights are in good condition. The interior of the car, the dashboard, the steering wheel and the electrical equipment on board are in good condition and in normal working order. The 2.2 liter Hurricane 4-cylinder engine with 75 hp power is in good working order. Starter repaired. New alternator. Electrical overhaul, new battery. New water temperature gauge. New windshield wiper motor. 4 original wheels and tires in good condition. The undercarriage has been equipped with new shock absorbers.