Mercedes 190E 2.5 16V

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Elegant and powerful Mercedes 190 E 2.5 16v from 1989, the eternal rival of the BMW M3 E30 and forerunner of the «beast of the DTM», the Mercedes 190 E 2.5 16v Evo 2. One of the true kings of the Autobahn at the end of the 80s and early 90s thanks to its robust 195hp 2.5 engine, its 16v cylinder head made by Cosworth and Getrag gearbox. This unit is presented in an attractive original metallic graphite gray color, combined with a sporty and well-preserved black leather interior. The car is in perfect mechanical condition and with a neat aesthetic. It is a versatile classic that we can use on a daily basis and this youngtimer offers us the possibility of enjoying it with the whole family or a sporty driving. Really a car with a rising value.