Volkswagen T3

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The 1.9-litre 4-cylinder engine developing 57 hp when it left the factory. The original engine (1.6 TD) has been replaced by a 1.9-litre 4-cylinder engine developing 57 hp. The mechanics work perfectly as does the 5-speed manual transmission.
The following components were recently replaced:
– New piston regrinding and new rings, (Rebuild of the whole engine).
– Cylinder head gasket
– Timing belt
– Water pump
– Alternator
This 1990 Volkswagen Transporter T3 1990 of Spanish origin has covered 10.000 km since the engine rebuild. The van is in good general condition, it has an up to date MOT.
The chassis has no corrosion or rust, the tailgate is reinforced to be able to put a bicycle carrier, with the van will be given some original side windows and a rear window in plexiglass. It has all the original Hella optics and lights as well as all the original VW glass.
The interior is in good condition. The upholstery in brown and beige fabrics has no tears or holes. The steering wheel and dashboard are in good condition. The instrumentation and on-board electrical equipment are in good working order.