Any restoration of a classic car always starts by gathering all the information about the vehicle in question, followed by a visual inspection of the state of the car, assessing the possible hidden damage to the naked eye and analyzing its state from signs or marks “of war” produced by the passage of time.

Having a known track record is always helpful, but you don’t always have that kind of luck. The next step is to dismantle the car, bodywork, interiors, and mechanical components that are necessary, each restoration requires attention and personalized care in each case. In cases of integral restoration after leaving the body completely naked, the body would be sandblasted to remove oxides and accurately assess the extent of the damage and from here begin reconstruction. Our main capital is the know-how, as well as the technical information, in the work process we check the existing equipment contrasting with the bibliography on this model (drawings, spare parts catalogues, repair instructions, etc.) in order to arrive at a faithful restoration and that the vehicle looks the same appearance as the day it left the assembly line.



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