Tips to succeed in buying a classic car

Be more than 25 years old from the date of manufacture, be declared of cultural interest, be a collection or have belonged to a relevant personality. These are just some of the premises that can make a vehicle a classic car, an automotive sector that raises passions among four-wheel lovers, which aim to acquire one of these models. Fans in this field enjoy the care, driving and encounters that this type of car offers them . Buying one of these vehicles is not easy, since in order to make the right purchase, you have to take into account a series of guidelines since you are dealing with units that are nearly three decades old.

  • Set a budget . Classic cars require more repairs and maintenance sessions, an aspect that must be taken into account so that the final purchase price does not skyrocket. Expenses can reach 2,000 euros per year.
  • Search and Compare. Acquiring a classic vehicle is just as or more difficult than buying a new model. There are times when it can take years to find the perfect model. For this reason, it is necessary to be informed, search and compare before all the available offer, as well as to know the most frequent problems of the model that you want to buy to get the idea of ​​how much repairs can cost. Ideally, the fewer owners the vehicle has had, the better.
  • Check the entire car . As with second-hand cars, classics also need a thorough review. The engine and gearbox must function properly, so that the color of the smoke can be analyzed and its start checked. The condition of the suspensions and bodywork must also be verified. In this, there should be no ripples or knocks and the doors must fit, among other details. Finally, inside, it is very important to check the upholstery and the controls.
  • Goodbye to rust. This is one of the biggest problems with these cars. You have to check areas like the underbody, the area under the windshield and the insides of the fins.
  • Check mileage . Although the fewer kilometers it has the better condition a car would have to present, it is necessary to pay attention to verify that it is not tampering with the odometer. We must not rule out those with many kilometers that, however, are well cared for.
  • Request all documentation . An owner who submits all the documentation of the vehicle shows that he has been careful with it, so the car will be in the best possible condition. In addition to the documentation being in order and the possession of the invoices, the maintenance books will be key to checking the possible repairs and restorations that the classic has undergone, since the final price of the car depends on it, which will vary if the Spare parts are original or not, among other aspects. You must also verify that the frame number must match the one reflected on the papers.
  • Find out about parts. As mentioned, given its age, a classic car needs more repair and replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to find out if it is easy to find spare parts and what is their price.

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