Unpreserved classic cars

Yesterday a woman called me asking for a zero kilometer Ibiza, I told her that we are not dedicated to “modern” cars, that we only have classics, and she asked me: What is a classic car?
This is the big problem we have in our country, we know how to appreciate and value without a doubt our cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage. But what about our automotive heritage? We are unaware of it or it simply does not interest us. It is our industrial heritage, why we are not able to protect it? For granted, there have been cars with successful designs and others not so graceful, innovative mechanics and others not that much, sports cars and others designed for hard work, but all of them, absolutely all, are part of our industrial heritage. And to get to where we are today, we have had to go through them.
No one in their right mind would throw away an artistic work or a listed building. So, why are classic cars still being taken to the scrap heap nowadays? Why is our administration doing nothing to disseminate and protect this heritage? They disguise it by saying that it is ecology and recycling, but every historic, classic or interesting car that disappears is part of our identity, and we are losing it.
Why other countries such as France, the Netherlands and Germany, to name a few, are sure about the need to preserve this asset? Why our rulers are incapable of doing so?
In the future, we will regret just as we do today, for not having known how to preserve our Pegaso, Hispano Suiza, Barreiros, Ebro, Montesa, Bultaco, Derbi, etc.
World-renowned brands that were part of our identity, which gave work to many people and those that our governments have failed to support when the wind was not in their favor.
This is the heritage and value of a country, its brands, its fabric and its industrial assets, but here it seems that all of this does not matter or is of no interest at all.
It looks like the only interest is to collect taxes and to aggravate our automotive heritage with them, thus drowning the passionate collectors who try to preserve it, financing from their own pockets this little piece of history.

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